Month: April 2006

Trader Vic’s Bartenders that Customers Don’t Like

This is Part Two. Click here for Part One. 1. Bartenders who point out a customer’s previous drunken antics. 2. Bartenders who mention a customer’s previous companions. 3. Bartenders who give away the house’s liquor. 4. Bartenders who listen in on customers’ conversations, gossip about other customers, gripe about the boss, the pay, or other | Read More

Trader Vic’s People that Bartenders Have Learned Not to Like

I thought I’d share some wisdom from Trader Vic. I happen to own a copy of his 1947 Bartender’s Guide, and this is straight from the source. It’s amazing how things never seem to change in bars. 1. People who drink to excess. 2. Cheap floozies who carouse with “every unattached male in the place”. | Read More

The Channel Knife

Making a lemon twist is the subject of much passionate discourse. The traditional thinking in this matter is that to take off even the slightest touch of the pith (the white substance between the skin and the fruit) is considered to be bad form. The pith is, to many, a bitter substance best left out | Read More