Month: May 2006


Sophie Soong of KVAL here in Eugene interviewed me last night for a short piece on tipping here in Eugene. You can read the brilliant soundbite I gave here. Thanks, Sophie!

My Pilgrimage to Trader Vic’s

The first, and pretty much only thing I really wanted to do during my short stay in Los Angeles was to go to Trader Vic’s. As you undoubtedly have noticed, I’m a huge fan of Trader Vic’s drinks, and his overall bartending philosophy. So I begged and pleaded with Sarah and Jenny to take me | Read More

On My Radio: Update!

You can listen to the interview my boss Katie and I did last Friday here.


Since it’s Cinco de Mayo and everything, I figured I’d post the margarita we use at the bar. I worked on my margarita recipe for a long time until I found that perfect balance between sweet, sour and strong. It’s been very good to us over the years. I learned early on the famous 2:1:1 | Read More

On My Radio

Hi all! I’m being interviewed tonight on KOPT radio in Eugene for a segment on food and wine pairings. I’ll be on between 5PM and 5:30PM, so tune in and listen up! That’s 1600 AM for my local readers. I’ll look for an audio stream to link to… Night night!