Month: June 2006

I’m Quoted in Wine Enthusiast Magazine!

Wow, this is really great. Gary Regan of Ardent Spirits did an article about orange liqueurs for Wine Enthusiast magazine, and he included some of my thoughts and a recipe, for our Mexican Sidecar at Vaquero. You can read the article here for now, but I highly recommend picking up the June issue and seeing | Read More

Scintillating Citrus

Written by: Gary Regan in Wine Enthusiast

“Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero, in Eugene, Oregon, hosts a regular customer who favors Cointreau on the rocks with a single dash of orange bitters in the glass. … Bartenders and consumers nationwide all have their own favorite orange liqueurs—some for cocktails, some to sip neat. Morgenthaler, for instance, uses Patrón Citrònge, a Mexican triple sec, along with Presidente Mexican brandy and fresh lemon juice when he makes his Mexican sidecar at Vaquero, a Latin-American steakhouse.”