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On My Radio

Hi all! I’m being interviewed tonight on KOPT radio in Eugene for a segment on food and wine pairings. I’ll be on between 5PM and 5:30PM, so tune in and listen up! That’s 1600 AM for my local readers. I’ll look for an audio stream to link to… Night night!

Trader Vic’s Bartenders that Customers Don’t Like

This is Part Two. Click here for Part One. 1. Bartenders who point out a customer’s previous drunken antics. 2. Bartenders who mention a customer’s previous companions. 3. Bartenders who give away the house’s liquor. 4. Bartenders who listen in on customers’ conversations, gossip about other customers, gripe about the boss, the pay, or other | Read More

Trader Vic’s People that Bartenders Have Learned Not to Like

I thought I’d share some wisdom from Trader Vic. I happen to own a copy of his 1947 Bartender’s Guide, and this is straight from the source. It’s amazing how things never seem to change in bars. 1. People who drink to excess. 2. Cheap floozies who carouse with “every unattached male in the place”. | Read More

The Channel Knife

Making a lemon twist is the subject of much passionate discourse. The traditional thinking in this matter is that to take off even the slightest touch of the pith (the white substance between the skin and the fruit) is considered to be bad form. The pith is, to many, a bitter substance best left out | Read More

Pegu Club Cocktail

I started making this drink back when I first heard about it in 2006. I used to favor some pretty hefty proportions, but I’ve tamed my version of the drink down just a little in recent years. This drink was created at the Pegu Club in Rangoon, Burma, probably in the 1920s. According to Harry | Read More

Another Form Submission

I just got this really nice letter yesterday from someone who had been in to Red Agave last summer. I thought I’d share it, because it made my day: Jeff, I’m glad to have found your website. It’s fun and a good look into Eugene for this newcomer. You served me dinner at the bar | Read More

I’m going to be on TV!

Last Friday, I was interviewed by Ellie Estrada and Sarah Simpson from KMTR NewsSource 16 here in Eugene for a story they’re doing about me, this website, and my bartending. We spoke for an hour in the afternoon, and then they came back that night and shot footage of the bar, and interviewed my boss, | Read More

Awesome El Vaquero Review

I check in on this blog from time to time, and I just noticed an older post from last month about El Vaquero. This woman is a biologist here in Eugene, and in her spare time she writes, eats, lives and breathes food. Anyway, she wrote an amazing write-up on her trip to Vaquero last | Read More

Bad Apple

I’ve got to admit, I can’t stand this whole green apple cocktail phenomenon. I think these product lines of Jolly Rancher-flavored schnapps are ridiculous and do nothing for the world other than encourage binge drinking among teenage girls. And when a man walks into my bar and orders one, well, personally I think he becomes | Read More

Seven Things You Should Never Catch Your Bartender Doing

You may think I was a little harsh in my previous post, Eight Things You Should Never Say To Your Bartender. Actually, I thought it was funny. However, the truth is that I’m much harder on other bartenders than I am on customers. I’ve worked in a lot of bars, I’ve seen a lot of | Read More

Minty Fresh: The Eugene Origins of a Trendy Cocktail

Written by: Molly Templeton in Eugene Weekly

“The Richmond gimlet, though certainly not the only gimlet variation in the world to use mint, is the particular creation of Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a bartender at El Vaquero whose blog turned up on that Google search — complete with Richmond gimlet recipe and sightings in other Eugene bars. I clearly had to try more.”

Richmond Gimlet Tour of Eugene

I got this in the old inbox last week: Jeffrey, Hello from an admirer of your Richmond Gimlet. Well, an admirer of them made elsewhere; I’ve never had one you made. A bartender at Luckey’s made one for me last year, and I liked it so much I had to Google it to find out | Read More

Guava Margarita

The origin of the Margarita is lost to history, but there are several stories vying for the title. The one I like involves a showgirl named Marjorie King, who was apparently allergic to grain alcohol. In 1938, Marjorie was visiting the Rancho Del Gloria Bar in Rosarita Beach, Mexico, when she asked one of the | Read More