Year: 2007

Seven Grand, Los Angeles

One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting to spend a lot of time in airports. Since I’m usually stuck safely behind a bar five nights a week, it’s nice for me to get right in there with a swarming throng of people and be corralled through a series of lines for an | Read More

All Other Drink Bloggers Must Be Destroyed!

While minding my own business yesterday, checking out free Dilbert cartoons and looking for sexy Pilates vlogs, I was rudely interrupted by Cate O’Malley of the Well Fed Network with the following announcement: Just a heads up that your site is officially in the running for the 2007 Food Blog Awards – head on over | Read More

Manhattan Bar Tour: Two Outta Four Ain’t Bad, Right?

When I travel, I have a list of bars and bartenders that I want to see in whichever city I’ll be visiting. My recent trip to Manhattan was no exception, and after the Repeal Day party I made a point of heading out into the snowy night in eager anticipation of having some world-class cocktails. | Read More

Repeal Day in New York City

My day started at 1PM today, at a lunch at Pete’s Tavern, one of the oldest the oldest continually-operating bars in New York City. I had a great meal and met some of the people at Dewar’s that have been working so hard to spread the same message that I’ve been touting for some time | Read More

My Trip To Manhattan, Part 1

Thanks to the efforts of the good folks at Dewar’s scotch, I flew out this morning to New York City for Repeal Day. After a few late take-offs and missed flights, I finally arrived in Manhattan in time to check in to my hotel and scrub my travel-weary face before heading out on the town | Read More

Mixology Monday: Prohibition

This being my first ever time hosting Mixology Monday, I’m a little nervous. So bear with me. Also, my schedule has taken a turn for the busier… I’m leaving tomorrow morning to celebrate Repeal Day with the folks from Dewar’s scotch in New York City! As Repeal Day is coming up on the 5th, I | Read More

Cocktail Movers and Shakers

Written by: Kirstin Henninger in Forbes Traveler

“Another drink-slinger who’s putting the Pacific Northwest on the cocktail map is Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bartender at El Vaquero in Eugene, Oregon. “There are amazing drinks being made in this region right now and people don’t really know about it.” He’s doing his best to change that. Of late, his favorite drink is an Old Fashioned using house-made orange bitters and his own brandied cherries.”

Grey Goose Responds to Our Plaintive Cries

Last month, I wrote about a recent nightmare involving Grey Goose vodka’s razor-sharp serrated metal foil… and my hand. Many of you shared your horror stories in the comments section. Last week, Sven-Olaf Hansen, Global Brand Director for Grey Goose, replied to the comments with a promise that changes were on the way at Grey | Read More

December 3rd is Mixology Monday, December 5th is Repeal Day

I have been given the honor of hosting next month’s Mixology Monday here, and since it is in such close company with December 5th, which is Repeal Day, I’ve decided to try to combine the two and have a little fun with it. So, for this round of MxMo, you’re going to need to write | Read More

Cuba Libre

There’s this little… thing… that some bartenders, like myself who are from a certain generation do, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why we do it. And it’s probably going to sound super weird to you at first, but hopefully by the end of this piece you’ll be convinced and might even want | Read More

Check Out My Wassail Recipe in Nation’s Restaurant News

I love Thanksgiving so much. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy four of my favorite activities: Going to the grocery store. Cooking. Making drinks. Having dinner with friends. (No, really, going to the grocery store is one of my favorite things in the world.) I first read about Wassail – the ancient wintertime blend | Read More


I cobbled this recipe together from a number of sources many years ago, and have spent every Thanksgiving making it for friends. It’s always a popular winter warmer, and everyone spends the post-prandial hours sipping large mugs of wassail on the deck.

Not the Kind of Motorcycle News You Want to Hear

Since August, Cameron Bogue of has been on a year-long motorcycle quest from Vancouver, B.C. to the southern tip of Argentina. He and three friends have been stopping at microdistilleries, sampling the wares, and creating new cocktails inspired by the local ingredients. I’ve been following their progress closely and I’ve been talking him up | Read More

An Open Letter to Grey Goose Vodka

Dear Grey Goose vodka; It has come to my attention, during many incidents over the course of several years, that your wonderful product is determined to kill me. I am not referring to the ubiquitous hangover that so many of my clients have endured as a result of partaking in your fine product, but rather | Read More