Month: October 2007

Not the Kind of Motorcycle News You Want to Hear

Since August, Cameron Bogue of has been on a year-long motorcycle quest from Vancouver, B.C. to the southern tip of Argentina. He and three friends have been stopping at microdistilleries, sampling the wares, and creating new cocktails inspired by the local ingredients. I’ve been following their progress closely and I’ve been talking him up | Read More

An Open Letter to Grey Goose Vodka

Dear Grey Goose vodka; It has come to my attention, during many incidents over the course of several years, that your wonderful product is determined to kill me. I am not referring to the ubiquitous hangover that so many of my clients have endured as a result of partaking in your fine product, but rather | Read More

Holdin’ Steady at Number Two

Yours truly has been voted Second Best Bartender by the good people of Eugene. I bow graciously to my longtime friend Ty Connor, who came in first, and apparently invented the Vodka Rickey (Ty, I knew you were quite a bit older than I, but wow!) Also coming in second place was this very website! | Read More

Another Reason Why Oregon Rocks: Oregon Whiskey

So, Oregon is the best, as everyone knows, but here’s another reason why: Oregon whiskey. The November issue of Food and Wine Magazine has a great story by Nick Fauchald on page 170 about the rise of Oregon whiskeys, and credits our plentiful raw ingredients (grain, water, wood) and do-it-yourself spirit for a new revolution | Read More

Mixology Monday: Food Pairings

To be honest with you, I didn’t really have much of a chance to prepare for this month’s Mixology Monday. In fact, when Natalie emailed me a reminder earlier today, my first thought was, “Oh, f*ck!”. And as much as I loves me some Mixology Monday, I’ve been a little out of the loop this | Read More

Ten Books Every Bartender Should Own

Recently, over at the Epicurious blog they had a post detailing their ten must-read books for cooks and gastronomes. I figured, “What a great idea, I should steal this for my own website!” So here are my recommendations for the top ten books any bartender or home mixologist should keep within arm’s reach at all | Read More