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What’s In My Liquor Cabinet?

From time to time, I’ll pop in to Paul Clarke’s liquor cabinet to see what I should have to drink. The only problem is, he lives several hundred miles away and I can’t actually have any of the goodies located therein. However, I can post a list of what’s in my liquor cabinet so that | Read More

Batida Rosa

This is my interpretation of a classic style of Brazilian drink. Often these are blended, but variations appear here and there that are on the rocks like this one. I like to use Leblon cachaça at the bar because it’s a multi-distilled, and therefore lighter, product.  

However you like your gimlet, it kicks a hell of a punch

Written by: Louanne Cox in Helium

“2001 saw the introduction of the Richmond Gimlet by mixologist extrodinaire Jeffrey Morgenthaler. His recipe is 2oz Tanqueray No. 10 gin, 1oz fresh lime juice, 1oz simple syrup and a large sprig of mint. Place all the ingredients plus ice into a cocktail shaker and shake, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.”

Those Other Drink Bloggers Get to Have All the Fun

For the past few months, I had my heart set on attending Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. However, after weeks of painful deliberation, the Girl and I decided to stay home and focus on domestic matters. So I sent out my heartfelt regrets to all of my so-called friends and told them I | Read More

Mixology Monday: The Bramble

Greetings, and happy Mixology Monday! Paul over at Cocktail Chronicles is hosting this month’s get-together, and the theme is Blog Love. Yikes, what a name, huh? But it’s a great idea: we’re all going to try out recipes that we’ve seen on each other’s sites, and report on our findings. Because we’re bloggers. And we | Read More

Dirty, Dirty Sue

If you’ve been reading this website for a while, you probably know that I spout the virtues of fresh ingredients and encourage people to eschew the use of pre-made drink mixes. So, I was a little taken aback when I received a package containing two bottles of Dirty Sue Dirty Martini Mix in the mail | Read More

El Vaquero Dishes Up Latin Spice

Written by: Steven Neuman in Oregon Daily Emerald

“This actually stands in stark contrast to the excellent and detailed bar menu created by legendary Eugene mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler. It’s been said before, but if you have the cash, drop some for a few Richmond Gimlets – the perfect cocktail to beat summer swelter.”

The Mojito Rules

Written by: Nick Fauchald in Food and Wine Magazine

“Oregon-based mixologist/blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler … recently posted an excellent list of mojito dos and don’ts, which should be posted behind every bar in America, along with his recipe for a proper mojito, which has given me hope that the mojito still has a chance.”

How to Make Sexy European Mojito Drink

The mojito education bus keeps on rollin’ on over here. Thanks to Joe Bartender for finding this brilliant (read: boobalicious) instructional video embedded below: To recap, here’s the recipe: 1. Pick some mint for your mojito. Wink! 2. Put some ice like America. 3. Split half of the cup to half of the cup (to | Read More

The Dos and Donts of Mojitos

Well, it’s mojito season here in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s time for a little lesson for the novice and experienced mojito drinker alike. Follow these helpful hints, dear reader, and you won’t dare go wrong. Do use crushed ice in your mojitos. Crushed ice will melt faster, which is a good thing in | Read More

The Latest Imbibe Is Here!

My friend Paul Clarke just published a fantastic article about bartenders making their own liqueurs in the latest Imbibe magazine, and El Vaquero has the honor of representing falernum. We’ve been making a variation of Paul’s falernum recipe for a few months now, to great reviews. When you’ve wrapped up reading his article in Imbibe, | Read More

El Vaquero: Riding High in the Fifth Street Market

Written by: Lance Sparks in Eugene Magazine

“Bartender Jeff Morgenthaler is a skilled mixologist with distinctive charm and a talent for invention. His “senuous cocktails” (each $8) include special selections of classics (43 Manhattan, Planter’s Punch) and Morgenthaler’s own ideas (Red Agave, Pink, Irish Laundry). The revival of interest in the cocktails couldn’t have come at a better time. Morgenthaler’s corner of El Vaquero is mighty popular during cocktail hour.”

Gone But Not Forgotten

Written by: Paul Clarke in Imbibe Magazine

“At El Vaquero in Eugene, Ore., bartenders have also taken to using house-made falernum instead of the commercial versions. “I think the reason we’ve been pursuing the do-it-yourself approach is because we’d like to turn the clock back to a time when there were so many more flavors available to mixologists,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at El Vaquero. Morgenthaler found a falernum recipe online and has been using the syrup in Rum Swizzles, Corn ‘n Oils and other drinks, with a good response from customers. “Nobody’s ever tasted anything like it,” he says. “People have been going crazy for the falernum ever since we introduced it.”

My Top Ten Favorite Drinks

Stephen Beaumont once referred to my “borderline obsessive list-making“, and although this post certainly won’t help my reputation in that area, I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, and I think it will be good times for all. Now, people ask me all the time what my favorite drink is, but it’s hard | Read More

The Spirit and Cocktail Advertising Network is In The House!

Over the past few weeks, my friend Darcy over at The Art of Drink has helped lash together the rafts and bring together the best in spirit and cocktail writers (for some reason he felt I could be included in that category) and create a new form of advertising superpower: the Spirit and Cocktail Ad | Read More