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Quick! Can you name the five main whisk(e)y-producing countries in the world? Scotland? Check. Ireland? Mmm-hmm. Canada? Yep. United States? Definitely. But then you’d go, “Five?”, and I’d be all, “Yeah, five!” And then you’d be all, “Like, where else?” And then I’d be all, “Japan, dude!” And you’d be all, “No way!” And I’d | Read More

Mixology Monday: Cream

After a brutal weekend of making drinks for what seemed like every single graduate of the University of Oregon this weekend (and their parents), I’m propping myself up at my computer to once again take part in the Mixology Monday festivities. I did some advance planning (a first) and started working on this recipe last | Read More

A Bartender’s Advice to Women – Part 4

On a busy night, there is always one guy lurking somewhere in the bar who will try to make you a rose out of a paper cocktail napkin as a romantic gesture. This man is Satan and he drives a van. Do not trust him.


There are so many bad Mojitos out there that I just had to share what I think is the most perfect, simple Mojito recipe. While a lot of people want to overthink the drink, I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the cocktail for what it truly is: a Rum | Read More


While working on a host of new drinks for the El Vaquero drink menu, I found several references to a Nacional Daiquiri, created at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba using apricot brandy. Never able to leave well enough alone, I fooled around with proportions and flavors until I came up with this twist on | Read More

Enter the Ultimate Bar Chef Competition!

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that my dear friend (and one hell of a bartender) Sean Bigley over at Ultimate Bar Chef is hosting a cocktail competition this summer and he wants you to participate. And, if you win, you can take home a cool $1,750. Here’s | Read More

If You Don’t Have Enough to Do, You Can Always Read This

Loathe as I am to suggest that you read anything other than the gospel that I hand down to you at three in the morning twice a week, I should admit that another one of my favorite blogs is Cocktails with Camper English. Here’s Camper in his own words: Camper English is a cocktails and | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Sour Mix in Two Parts

Sour mix is a gateway drug. It can lead you down a very dark path, or it can open up a new world of fresh flavors or ingredients. As proof of this, I submit to you two examples: One scenario involves the novice bartender using prepackaged mix as a medium for all sorts of vile | Read More

Mixology Monday: Tequila

I’ve kicked myself many times for never participating in the brilliant Mixology Mondays that Paul over at the Cocktail Chronicles put together last year, but my lack of participation has more to do with the fact that Sunday is my one day off – the one day I never seem to have a computer in | Read More

Grapefruit Bitters

I’ve been playing with making my own bitters lately. I love bitters and have a small collection of them in my liquor cabinet, from Gary Regan’s Orange Bitters, to Fee Brothers’ Mint Bitters. After reading this article online about making grapefruit bitters, I decided to try it, with my own variations. We’ve been using these | Read More

The Richmond Gimlet in Wine Enthusiast Magazine

  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see that Gary Regan had included the Richmond Gimlet in his lineup of drinks for a superb article in Wine Enthusiast magazine this month. The article centers on some of the wonderful new gins that are being released right now from all over the world. The Richmond | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Advice for a High School Senior

Hey Bartender, I’m a senior in high school here in Eugene, and I read about you in the Register Guard today. I’ve been thinking about becoming a bartender for a while, and the article, along with your blog, pretty much sealed the deal. I was wondering if you would tell me how you got into | Read More

Gin Cocktails

Written by: Gary Regan in Wine Enthusiast

“The Richmond Gimlet, adapted from a recipe by Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Head Bartender, El Vaquero, Eugene, Oregon. … Fill a cocktail shaker two-thirds full of ice and add the ingredients. Shake for approximately 15 seconds and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.”

I’m Interviewed by My Other Hometown Newspaper

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero restaurant, is the author of a well-read blog on mixology. The Register-Guard here in Eugene ran a piece about local area bloggers today, featuring a humungous photo of yours truly. Lewis Taylor did a nice job editing out all of my ums and uhs from the conversation we | Read More

Boundless Blogs

Written by: Lewis Taylor in The Register Guard

“The great thing about blogs is they’re so specialized,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero restaurant in Eugene and author of a mixology blog. … “(The best part) is being able to connect with like-minded people. My area is so specific. There aren’t a lot of people in town that I can talk to about this stuff.” Although Morgenthaler is interested in a highly specialized area – namely mixology, the more artful side of bartending – there are lots of other uses for blogs.