Month: December 2008

Ask Your Bartender: Buybacks

Photo Credit: Zach Lewis ( Susan writes: I am a frequent bar customer. I need an explanation of the concept behind buybacks. One bartender who I was friends with would not let me pay for my drinks, ever. He said they were on him. One day when it was very slow in the bar I | Read More

Punch: It’s Not Just for the Holidays Anymore

Written by: Steven Stern in The New York Times

“Eggnog, that other holiday favorite, has a separate lineage as well: technically it is a “flip,” as Jeffrey Morgenthaler notes on his cocktail blog, at He devised a streamlined version for Bel Ami, a restaurant in Eugene, Ore., and serves it from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. “I really wanted to have eggnog in a bar,” he said. “It’s not something you ever see. People go crazy for it.”

“A serious student of classic drinks, Mr. Morgenthaler happily bucks tradition with his nog, whipping up small batches in that clever anachronism, the blender. He’s convinced that his recipe — which is creamy but not gelatinous, and doesn’t require separating the eggs — improves on the original. There are times, he said, when “it’s O.K. to go against history.””

Repeal Day in Washington, D.C.

You guys don’t realize how good you’ve got it. See, when I was a young blogger, we didn’t have all these new, fancy blogs that you guys have got nowadays. There was none of this Kaiser Penguin business, and certainly not the Scofflaw’s Den. Hell, Boudreau was probably still in Canada back then, for all | Read More

Cheers To 75 Years Of Drinking Legally

Written by: Robert Smith in National Public Radio

“Bartender and blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler has been pushing the idea of a true drinking holiday for 10 years now, and he says this year it took off exponentially. But Morgenthaler says you really need to do it right by drinking American craft beers and cask-aged spirits.

‘Seek out your local microbrewed beer. Seek out your small American distilleries. Seek out your local wineries,” he says. “It’s important that we celebrate the day because it marks the return of those American traditions that were almost lost during Prohibition.’”

Let 100 (O.K., 8) Bartending Philosophies Bloom

Written by: Oliver Schwaner-Albright in The New York Times

“At the Bel Ami Lounge in Eugene, Ore., Jeffrey Morgenthaler serves a gin and tonic made with his own recipe for agave-sweetened quinine syrup. Daniel Shoemaker at the Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Ore., crafts his own vermouth, falernum, blueberry shrub (a kind of cordial) and 15 bitters.”

Keepin’ It Repeal

The world is gearing up for Repeal Day this Friday and I couldn’t be more pleased. My good friend Kevin Erskine over at The Scotch Blog has a big summary of Repeal Day history and events posted – thanks for the kind words, Kevin. How’s Your Drink author Eric Felten devoted his weekly column in | Read More