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On My Way!

To Tales of the Cocktail, that is. You see, after last year’s debacle there was no way I was going to miss this one. In fact, I was so excited about going that I somehow showed up to the airport a day early, embarrassed as heck and thanking the nice young lady up and down | Read More

Follow Me on Twitter!

Thanks to the recommendation of some good friends this weekend, I’ve added Twitter to my list of preferred web applications. Their sage advice couldn’t have come at a better time: I’ve been busy readying myself for Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans next week, and have been concerned about how I’ll connect with everyone | Read More

The Beauty Beneath

“Try this.” The wine rep looked determined. The wine salespeople in town usually know better than to waste their time with me, as I have little-to-no influence on the wine list. If it’s a distilled product you’re trying to push then I’m the man behind the bar to talk to. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to | Read More

How to Make Sangrita

Not to be confused with the Spanish wine-and-fruit-based alcoholic beverage sangria, sangrita (meaning “little blood”) is a traditional accompaniment to a tequila served completo; a non-alcoholic sipper that cleanses the palate between fiery doses of agave. Years ago I was taught that sangrita is a blend of tomato and orange juices, with the addition of | Read More

Six More Months Until Repeal Day!

I just looked at the calendar and realized that today is a crucial halfway-point in the year – and that I only have six months to prepare myself for my favorite American holiday: Repeal Day! Last year was a big year for Repeal Day. We saw the launch of, the official home of Repeal | Read More

How to Make Your Own Tonic Water

This subject has been covered before, but after numerous requests and some positive encouragement from a good friend this weekend I have decided to post my version of homemade tonic water. The base for this recipe came from my friend Kevin Ludwig, who pioneered craft tonic water in Portland. His recipe can be found on | Read More

Food Pairings: Dinner and Absinthe

I love to cook, but sometimes after a long weekend it can feel like work to me. After a begrudged visit to the grocery store last night, I came home with a beautiful head of butter lettuce, some Oregon gorgonzola cheese, locally-grown Evonuk hazelnuts and two Tombo tuna steaks. I knew what would put a | Read More

How to Reduce by Half

Some of you are here to find out how to make my pinot gris reduction for the East of Eden, and as the directions will tell you, you’ll need to reduce the wine by half. But how can you tell when a liquid is reduced by half without pouring it into a measuring cup every | Read More

Much More Than a Mimosa

Written by: Molly Templeton in Eugene Weekly

“It all started with one drink. Or rather, it started with the idea of a drink, with the recipe Bel Ami bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler posted to his blog one afternoon. Morgenthaler was fudging a little with a ‘Mixology Monday’ topic: fruit liqueurs. Rather than using a fruit liqueur exactly, he’d created a drink that used Bombay gin, lemon, St. Germain elderfl ower liqueur and a syrup made from Sweet Cheeks 2006 Estate Pinot Gris.

East of Eden wasn’t just a delicious drink with perfectly layered flavors, though. It was an introduction, albeit a rather roundabout one, to an oft-neglected sub-category of cocktails (using the general definition rather than the one that specifies certain ingredients): those made with wine.”

Mixology Monday: Rum

Clearly I have been smiled upon by a greater power as of late, for I have been fortunate to take on so many new readers over the past month. If you’re one of those new to the site: welcome! For the benefit of the newcomers, I feel I should explain how things work around here. | Read More

Mixologist Lets It Pour

Written by: Randi Bjornstad in The Register Guard

“Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a man on a mission, and he’s carrying on his crusade these days from behind the well-stocked bar at Bel Ami Restaurant and Lounge at Midtown Marketplace, on Willamette Street in just-south-of-downtown Eugene.

The mission — and not only has he already accepted it, he helped start it — is “to put Oregon on the map by being on the forefront of ‘craft’ bartending,” which means “putting out world-class cocktails” and getting bartenders all over the state to sign on to do the same thing.”

Up, Neat, Straight Up, or On the Rocks

I considered naming this article “How To Take an Order Behind the Bar”, since there seems to be a problem with bartenders and servers not fully understanding the vocabulary used in their workplace. I was reminded of this while reading this thread on the forums some time ago. Yes, there seems to be some | Read More

Mint Julep Roundup: Kentucky Derby Edition

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and many of those watching this historic event will be doing so with mint juleps in hand. Sounds like the perfect time to jot down a couple of notes about this classic American cocktail. The mint julep is another of those drinks shrouded in mystery, so in an effort | Read More

Mint Julep

I’ve you’ve never made – or enjoyed – a mint julep before, be sure to check out this post, with lots of information from myself, and videos from the real experts.

Drink of the Month: Bit of a Fix-You-Upper

Written by: n/a in Playboy

“Jeffrey Morgenthaler is our kind of guy: an obsessive practitioner of lost arts and an inventor in his own right. He toils behind the bar of the Bel Ami Restaurant & Lounge in crunchy Eugene, Oregon, mixing, remixing and improvising, and he documents his findings at”