Month: March 2009

Advanced Mixology: Featured Mixologist

Written by: Shawn Soole in Chilled Magazine

“Not many people can attest to creating a classic cocktail that epidemically spread across the USA and then the world, but Jeffrey Morgenthaler has done just that. His Richmond Gimlet has become a modern day classic on which he can put his claim to fame. When googled, the Richmond Gimlet comes up with over a thousand links, true testament to a drink that was created purely by chance. Jeffrey Morgenthaler is an Oregon based bartender with a penchant for blogging, organizing events and overseeing the Oregon Bartenders Guild. All of this from a guy whose passion grew after jumping behind the bar one summer while studying for his degree in Architecture.”

My Turn in the Barrel

Hey, here’s a fun way to illustrate karma. If you’ve, say, built a large web presence upon a not-so-generous string of public criticisms of bar-related web videos [1, 2, 3, 4], then one day somebody will ask you to appear in a series of videos yourself. That’s what happened last month when Imbibe Magazine called | Read More

Shaking vs. Stirring Cocktails

Here’s one of the very first cocktail videos I ever made: in a series with our friends at Imbibe Magazine. Look how young I was! Look at my little vest and tie! But in all seriousness it’s still a solid primer on the basics of shaking versus stirring, and a visual representation of why we | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Protestant vs. Catholic Whiskey

Hey Bartender My South Side Irish Chicago Dad always told me that Jameson was the Catholic whisky and that Bushmills was the whiskey made by “the damn Protestants”. Now this character I met at the bar is trying to tell me it’s the other way around. Help! Who do I believe, the man who raised | Read More

Elements Eight Rum

The list of increduble experiences I had last fall while attending (and speaking at) the Bar Convent Berlin is a mile long, but up near the top of the list is the afternoon chat I had with Andreas Redlefsen, owner of St. Lucia’s Elements Eight rums. Elements Eight is virtually unknown in this country, but | Read More

How to Make a Caipirinha – The American Bartending School Way

Speaking of great cocktails made with cachaça, let’s take a moment before the weekend and see what our old friends at the American Bartending School would do when confronted with a bottle of the stuff. In this segment, we’ll learn how to make the Brazilian classic, the caipirinha (kai-peer-EEN-ya) 1. Announce to your friends that | Read More


With my recent move to Portland and consequent adjustment to a new work environment, new living situation and new selection of great bars and restaurants to explore, I’ve been a little lax on the new drink recipes. Fortunately I have my cruel taskmasters at Boca Loca Cachaça to keep me toiling away, day and night, | Read More