Another Reason Why Oregon Rocks: Oregon Whiskey

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So, Oregon is the best, as everyone knows, but here’s another reason why: Oregon whiskey.

The November issue of Food and Wine Magazine has a great story by Nick Fauchald on page 170 about the rise of Oregon whiskeys, and credits our plentiful raw ingredients (grain, water, wood) and do-it-yourself spirit for a new revolution in American whiskey production. Of particular interest to me was this:

With “Whiskey Your Way,” amateur distillers make their own barrel of bespoke whiskey at House Spirits under [Lee] Medoff and [Christian] Krogstad’s tutelage. At the cost of around $5,000 (about $50 a bottle), Whiskey Your Way participants can customize their whiskey in whatever style they fancy: bourbon, rye, Irish, Scotch, or, if Medoff has his way, Oregonian.

So. Anyone wanna go in on a barrel with me?

14 Replies to “Another Reason Why Oregon Rocks: Oregon Whiskey”

  • Another Californian here who would also be in on this, if the logistics worked.

  • I was … mostly … kidding about getting a group together and going in on a barrel, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm, kids! Sadly, the logistics of collecting $5000 and splitting a barrel sounds like a nightmare to me.

    However! I do like your idea of finding a barrel and making our own, Lance. I actually have a storage unit that would be perfect for the aging, it’s right next to the Willamette River.

    I think those barrels look a little fancy for our needs, and the spigot seems unnecessary. I’ve heard rumors that barrels can be found at homebrew shops, I’m going to look into it this weekend as we have plenty of homebrew options here in Eugene.

    Stay tuned!

  • Marleigh says:

    All this excitement and I am still having a devil of a time turning up a bottle of Clear Creek Oregon scotch down here. I know someone in SoCal has one for sale!

  • Jeff Frane says:

    Marleigh, the McCarthy’s Single Malt is difficult to find in Oregon even, because they do short runs and sell out very quickly. I ended up, no kidding, buying a bottle mailorder from in Chicago.

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