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Gone But Not Forgotten

Written by: Paul Clarke in Imbibe Magazine

“At El Vaquero in Eugene, Ore., bartenders have also taken to using house-made falernum instead of the commercial versions. “I think the reason we’ve been pursuing the do-it-yourself approach is because we’d like to turn the clock back to a time when there were so many more flavors available to mixologists,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at El Vaquero. Morgenthaler found a falernum recipe online and has been using the syrup in Rum Swizzles, Corn ‘n Oils and other drinks, with a good response from customers. “Nobody’s ever tasted anything like it,” he says. “People have been going crazy for the falernum ever since we introduced it.”

Gin Cocktails

Written by: Gary Regan in Wine Enthusiast

“The Richmond Gimlet, adapted from a recipe by Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Head Bartender, El Vaquero, Eugene, Oregon. … Fill a cocktail shaker two-thirds full of ice and add the ingredients. Shake for approximately 15 seconds and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.”

Boundless Blogs

Written by: Lewis Taylor in The Register Guard

“The great thing about blogs is they’re so specialized,” says Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero restaurant in Eugene and author of a mixology blog. … “(The best part) is being able to connect with like-minded people. My area is so specific. There aren’t a lot of people in town that I can talk to about this stuff.” Although Morgenthaler is interested in a highly specialized area – namely mixology, the more artful side of bartending – there are lots of other uses for blogs.

Bar Talk

Written by: Mike Hale in Monterey Herald

“A great bartender is like a great chef,” said Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the bar manager at El Vaquero in Eugene, Ore., and the author of a well-read blog on the subject. Morgenthaler, who grew up in Toro Park and graduated from Salinas High School in 1989, is a certified expert on the subject of “mixology,” and is quoted as such in several newspapers and magazines. “I see cocktails as a form of cuisine,” he said by phone from his Oregon home. “A great bartender can elevate the mundane after-work drink into something more. It transcends the simple act of having a drink to calm your nerves. It’s sensory.”

Do Women Drink for Free?

Written by: Tea Austen Weaver in Chow Magazine

“Is it true that women never pay for their own drinks in bars—having their tabs picked up instead by obliging men? This is the latest question at Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Ask Your Bartender column on his blog.”

Everybody’s Talking About…

Written by: n/a in Spin Magazine

“To honor the repeal of the 13-year-long national nightmare known as Prohibition, a mixologist from Oregon, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, has been drumming up support for Repeal Day: An authentic alcohol-centric holiday, as ‘it is the only day which truly has any connection with alcohol,’ he wrote on his blog. Morgenthaler argues that Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day are played out and are a bit exclusionary (‘Being French on Cinco de Mayo is about as cool as being British on the Fourth of July’), but that Dec. 5 is ‘a great time to get together with friends and celebrate our constitutional rights.’”

I’ll Have What He’s Having

Written by: Tea Austen Weaver in Chow Magazine

“Blogger and mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a man on a mission. His goal: to help spread the news of Repeal Day, the only holiday devoted solely and entirely to drinking. Celebrated on December 5, Repeal Day marks the anniversary of the day the 18th Amendment (that would be Prohibition to you and me) was repealed, thereby allowing all God-fearing Americans of a certain age to drink legally again.”

Scintillating Citrus

Written by: Gary Regan in Wine Enthusiast

“Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at El Vaquero, in Eugene, Oregon, hosts a regular customer who favors Cointreau on the rocks with a single dash of orange bitters in the glass. … Bartenders and consumers nationwide all have their own favorite orange liqueurs—some for cocktails, some to sip neat. Morgenthaler, for instance, uses Patrón Citrònge, a Mexican triple sec, along with Presidente Mexican brandy and fresh lemon juice when he makes his Mexican sidecar at Vaquero, a Latin-American steakhouse.”

Minty Fresh: The Eugene Origins of a Trendy Cocktail

Written by: Molly Templeton in Eugene Weekly

“The Richmond gimlet, though certainly not the only gimlet variation in the world to use mint, is the particular creation of Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a bartender at El Vaquero whose blog turned up on that Google search — complete with Richmond gimlet recipe and sightings in other Eugene bars. I clearly had to try more.”

Back to Basics

Written by: Vanessa Salvia in Eugene Weekly

“I don’t drink much. Between being a student and a parent, I can’t bring home the bacon or fry it up in a pan if I’m soused half the week. But when my editor told me to taste and write about popular cocktails, with the emphasis on tasting the cocktails, I said “Hell yeah!” My first thought was to find out what Jeffrey Morgenthaler serves a lot. He’s the hunky guy behind the bar at Red Agave, and I completely trust his opinions about alcohol. Morgenthaler says drinkers are returning to the classics like Manhattans, Sidecars and Martinis – the kinds of drinks you can get at almost any bar in the world. “I think people are getting a little overwhelmed by all the exotic ingredients,” he said. “I’ve been selling a lot of nice, simple drinks lately.”

Best Places Northwest

Written by: Giselle Smith in Best Places Northwest

“Voted best new restaurant by the Eugene Weekly in 2003, Red Agave is a distinctive blend of Nuevo-Latino cuisine. … The high ceilings and warm yellow walls make the open floor plan feel lively and vibrant. … Mixmaster Jeff Morgenthaler adds his own special twist to the full bar, and desserts range from spiced Mexican chocolate cheesecake with warm caramel-arbol chile sauce to an aged manchego cheese plate served with quince paste, cayenne, toasted almonds, and Palace Bakery baguette.”

Why Red Agave’s So Damn Good

Written by: Ben Fogelson in Eugene Weekly

“Don’t forget Jeff Morgenthaler, prodigy bartending mixmaster, who brings extraordinary life to one of Eugene’s newest and finest dining establishments. … The drink menu rides hard the trend of interesting concoctions containing fresh-pressed juices, sometimes-exotic spirits and always colorful names, such as the Red Agave and the Blood Orange. Foreign liquors sit against a mirror.”