Yeah, yeah, I know: I’ve got a face made for radio.But in all seriousness, since the stuff I do is mainly technique focused, video is a natural medium for sharing what I’ve learned. So I do it, sometimes reluctantly.

So here’s pretty much every video I’ve ever made. I hope they’re not too hard to watch. ;)

Late Night with Seth Meyers 5/22/2018

For my first-ever appearance on national television, I got to show Seth Meyers how to make that classic Portland cocktail, the Spanish Coffee. It was pretty terrifying to be up making cocktails in front of so many people, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having me on, guys!

How to Make a Cocktail Video

Let’s face it, most cocktail videos are all the same. The host stands behind a counter and drones on about ingredients and quantities. It’s not a lot of fun. So I thought I’d do my best to try to (sorry, there’s no other way to say this) … shake things up a bit. Cheers. Enjoy.

First Date

I’m a large male mammal. And I have, if I do say so myself, fantastic taste in beverages. But I firmly do not believe in gendered drinking, and I think that those who separate drinks as such are pretty dumb. So why don’t you join me and we can do away althogether with these dumb | Read More


From the section “Gendered Drinking” in Drinking Distilled: A User’s Manual: “What’s really sad to me is the idea that using a stemmed glass is somehow demeaning to the drinker. “But I’ll just spill it” is a justification that I hear nightly. Listen, using a stemmed wine glass or cocktail glass is the sign of | Read More


Come on, guys. Stop bear-clawing the garnish out of your drink before you even taste it. You’re making a mess, and being a slob isn’t how you want to define your “manliness”.

Cocktail at Home

Hey, I’ve devoted my life to this, so don’t take it personally: I think you should be able to make a cocktail at home. If you’re reading this, then you probably think so, too. Here’s why I feel so strongly about it.

We’re Not Judging Your Drink Order

This is one of the videos I did for Stoli in their “Drink What You Want” series, where we explored this notion that bartenders judge you negatively for drinking vodka (spoiler alert: we aren’t). What follows is a litany of things we might, however, be judging you for.

Whiskey Alpha

He’s such a fixture in bars these days: the Whiskey Alpha. He wants to tell you all about how you’re ordering drinks (and drinking them) the wrong way. But I’m here to tell you that he’s full of shit. Thank you to Stoli for giving me the platform to help shut this guy down.

You’re Doing it Wrong

Guys: stop being so uncomfortable in your own skin when you’re ordering a drink that you make everyone else around you suffer as well. You can order a glass of rosé, it’s fine. But please don’t call it bro-sé.

Blueberry Gimlet

What’s more delicious in the summertime than, say, a flavored vodka gimlet? Not much, my friends. Whether your flavor is something botanical like juniper (yes, gin is little more than juniper flavored vodka) or something fruity like blueberry, here’s a recipe that works well in the refreshment category.

Portland’s Underground Speakeasy | Best Bars | Esquire Network

This was a fun one. Comedians Sean Patton and Jay Larson hosted Esquire TV’s Best Bars in America, and I got to make them drinks at both of our bars. This is the Pepe Le Moko segment, and it was a lot of fun getting to banter with these two across the bar.

How (Not) to Kick Someone Out of a Bar

For years before I ever got into this whole cocktail thing, I worked in the sort of places that served beer and shots, had jukeboxes and ashtrays, sported video poker machines,and usually involved kicking a few people out over the course of every night. I have, like any bartender who’s done this sort of work, | Read More

How to Make Oleo Saccharum

I learned about oleo saccharum the same way most of us did: from David Wondrich’s fantastic book Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl. But after so many years of making the stuff every morning for the bar, I had to find a simpler way to make it. Mission accomplished.

Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned

I’ve never kept my love of Wisconsin’s drinking culture a closely-guarded secret. In this video I show you how to make my version of one of the most iconic Wisconsin cocktails, the Brandy Old Fashioned.

How to Make a Shandy (Beer Panaché)

I’m not a huge beer cocktail guy, but there is one drink I’ll never say no to in the summer: the Shandy. I learned about this drink in France in the 80s, and it’s been in my repertoire at home ever since. The French call it “Bière Panaché” and I think that sums it up: | Read More