Chilled Out & Cheery – Agog Over Eggnog

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Written by: Sam Meyer in CNN Eatocracy

We’ve heard about the history of eggnog, but what’s the best recipe for making your own as well as all the equally tasty variations?

In one corner: my favorite recipe for eggnog. Cocktail blogger and ace bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipe is simple, fairly light in texture and has an intense, eggy flavor tempered with brandy and spiced rum. You make it in the blender, and it’s a snap to put together. Just don’t use a commercial blender, as it can heat the contents. Sweet scrambled eggs don’t make a tasty holiday treat.

In the other corner: my mother. Her favorite recipe is from Mary Meade’s Kitchen Companion by Ruth Ellen Church, published by the Chicago Tribune in 1955. (My mother used to work for the Trib’s food section, and many of our favorite family dishes come from the recipe files there.) This is heavier and rich, and the orange liqueur really brings out a nice spin on the traditional eggnog taste. You also want to plan ahead with this one, as it’s best when made 24 hours in advance.