How to Make a Daiquiri – The American Bartending School Way

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I found this video on the DrinkBoy forum this weekend, posted sometime last year. Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that I always love a good instructional video, as I’ve remarked upon time and again.

To recap, here’s the recipe:

1. Chill an 8-ounce cocktail glass.
2. Pick your nose, and wipe the resulting findings on the back of your hand.
3. In a mixing glass, add one ounce of Bacardi rum.

Note: rum is a liquor that comes in many different colors.

4. Add two ounces of sweet-and-sour mix.
5. Wipe nose on back of hand for four full seconds.
6. Shake drink gently.
7. Talk about difference between fresh lime juice and sour mix while drink melts in shaker.

Note: fresh limes are no longer used.

8. Strain drink into chilled glass.
9. Dump any excess in sink.
10. Enjoy!

120 Replies to “How to Make a Daiquiri – The American Bartending School Way”

  • rcb4d says:

    A full five years later, this guy uses the comments section of his video to defend his right to use sour mix. He’ll be working most afternoon shifts at the Glendale Mall Applebees, if anyone is thirsty.

  • Travis M. says:

    Well, Jeffery, i am watching this video for the first time. You did a fine job of finding what is probably among the top 10 VERY WORST bartending school videos on the internet. If you can belive it, I have seen worse. I have seen a bartender school put up a daquiri video that showed it made with cream!

    As a bartending school owner/instructor who is very passionate about the craft, I need to say that not all bartender schools teach this dribble.

    One thing he almost had right was the history of the drink. The problem with his rendition is that it was not the Americans drinking daquiris when they arrived, it was the Cubans! They had been drinking daquiris for a long time before the Americans got there. And, there is no way that it had ice in the recipe at all. I think, in 1899, had you told a Cuban that water freezes, he would have laughed at you. There is no ice in Cuba! Not until freezers made it to Cuba!

  • planeOpinion says:

    ………… would’ve been awesome to see him sip it at the end and do one of those “hey it’s not so bad” faces, hahaha…..nasty.

  • Dave says:

    What’s truly sad is that the union bartenders in Vegas are all taught by guys like this. Of of the worlds top drinking destinations churning out some of the worlds worst bartenders. How do you make a daiquiri? Easy, just push the daiquiri button on the gun and add ice! delicious!

  • Jamie says:

    Someone give this guy time slot and stand at Tales

  • Rexus says:

    wow… im a newby, and now I feel like a pro after that. gross dude.
    “can you make sure to get some around the rim too, thanks guy”

  • John says:

    Wow, this guy is really bad. I’ll be honest, when I was looking to move to SoCal to go back to school I decided that bartending is the place I want to be, so I started looking up bartending schools as I had no clue what to do. I ended up going with National Bartending School, specifically the one in Riverside. I actually had a great time, and while I feel like a few of the recipes are a bit different, I do appreciate the confidence it gave me to hang out behind a bar, even if it was just to pour food colored water into mixing glasses. I’ve heard some horror stories about bartending schools, and now I understand why thanks to this guy. But i do think that the team over at National Bartending School did a great job giving me something to float on while I ventured out into the real world to gain actual experience and make real drinks. It was sort of like getting the training wheels taken off and thrown out there. It was exciting, and if you’re stupid the school isn’t going to change that, but a good manager will weed you out in a second.

  • Sherri says:

    John, I also sharpened my skills with the National Bartending Institute course more years ago than I care to admit and you’re right – it was good, real world training that definitely improved my skills and professionalism as a bartender in a high-end, high-paced D.C. bar.

  • Rica says:

    Jeff Goodman, the owner of National Bartenders School, bought and now runs the American Bartending School of Palm Desert, California (where this guy worked and filmed these ridiculous videos).
    The school, was and is, actually pretty great.
    Truth be known. I think these terrible videos were filmed as an outline for a video course they planned on doing. They were never meant to be seen or released…but someone posted the wrong ones and it’s been the biggest comedic goof ever. Anyway, that’s how the story goes.

  • Danny Ronen says:

    JM, just showed this to my bartenders, love coming back to your page as opposed to the school’s youtube page because it comes with the snarky comments for free. Bonus! Thanks again for being a dick. I miss you.

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