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Hey folks, if you’re reading this post, then you’re officially a reader of this website. And that means that I could really use your help. In order to lure potential advertisers over to the dark side that is my, uh, sidebar, I need to prove to them that my website is mainly frequented by consenting adults.

So, whether or not you’re of legal drinking age, would you mind doing me a favor and filling out this quick survey? I’m not going to even ask for your name or email address, so rest assured that it’s completely confidential. Because more advertising means more money, more money means more liquor, and more liquor means more late-night booze-fueled ramblings both here and on my regularly-updated Twitter feed.

Thanks, folks. Stay tuned for more drinks and stories.

14 Replies to “Just a Quick Aside…”

  • don’t forget to get signed up for Quantcast too.

    That way you can find out that your audience is made mostly of upper income college educated latino males with 2 or less dependents.


  • liesel says:

    done. Thanks for not asking how many cocktails I have on average per week, like my Dr. does.

  • Chris W. says:

    Done and done.

    Don’t know why I posted to say only that, but there you go.

    Now to figure out what drink to make tonight… hmmm…

  • Jeff Frane says:

    Maybe (and I say this in a completely non-smarmy way) if you posted more frequently you would get more visits and crank up your advertiser appeal that much more.

    I know that you’ve been busy now that you’re in a real city (cough cough) and making videos and traveling the globe on someone else’s dime . . . but MORE POSTS!

  • Cuco says:

    Amigo Jeffrey is done.
    best Cuco

  • Tiare says:

    I second Blair on Quantcast.

  • francisco Saa avellaneda says:

    i am friend of cuco, and i like fernet branca, do you know something about this delicious cocktail??

  • caskproof says:

    Thanks for posting the tonic water recipe. I have been trying to explain to my customers exactly what you are saying for a very long time. The masses are being turned one by one. Great job!

  • Garretto says:

    I got kind of excited when I saw a new post, but then it turned out to be a request —oh well, no problem. DONE! The least we can do! Hope it helps and looking forward to your next post and Imbibe video.

  • Jean-Luc D says:

    Long time lurker here, and I quite like the idea of a little survey, however with the rather large age brackets it makes me think that the survey doesn’t really take into accout people who visit your site who are not from the States. I’m 19, thus had to tick the 14-20 bracket, and where I live (New Zealand) I’m above the legal drinking age however your survey would probably put me into the ‘underage’ box due to your higher age limit. Admittedly I’m most probably in the minority here (being both young and from the other side of the world) but thought I’d just mention it. On the flipside I suppose now that I think about it, the advertisers probably don’t care so much about us internationals anyways. XD Btw I’m loving the videos too, I must agree with previous commenters on how good you are in front of the camera.
    Good one mate.

  • Nice short and sweet survey.

  • jjm says:

    No thanks for making me really think about how much I spend on libations.

  • izzy says:

    I came here for the ginger beer article and decided to have a longer look. I really like the website, especially the how to kind of stuff. Keep it up, dude.

  • Mata says:

    Done it – just for you…

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