New Year, New Digs

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It’s official! Starting on Monday, January 7th, my co-bartender Scott Butler and I will be officially heading up the bar at Bel Ami, located in the Midtown Marketplace at 1591 Willamette Street here in Eugene, right across the street from the bar where I learned to mix cocktails all those years ago.

Bel Ami logo

This is a great way to start off the new year, and we’re excited to be working with everyone at Bel Ami. In the 3-or-so years they’ve been open, they’ve done a tremendous business and built up a loyal clientele. Now they’ve graciously allowed Scott and me to step in and run their bar and infuse it with our own sort of, uh, charm. We’ll be continuing our education and exploration of classic cocktails, modern flavors and timeless techniques.

Midtown Marketplace logo

Owned by local track hero and businessman Roscoe Devine, Midtown (and Bel Ami) is already at the top of the list in Eugene for their perfect coffee, an incredible selection of wines, the finest food, attentive service, and elegant atmosphere. Here’s to hoping that we can help make the bar an even more enjoyable place than it already is.

The bar at Bel Ami is open at 4:30, Monday-Saturday. Scott and I hope to see you there!

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  • Lisa and Lori says:

    Hey guys! Lori and I will definitely be visiting you at Bel Ami, but you may have to share us with Tim at the Wine Bar (We still love you the most though!LOL).

  • Dear Jeff, Does your bar have live music? The reason I am asking is because we perform as a fingerstyle guitar & percussion duo as shown on my site at … click on the links there for sound tracks (CDs), gig performances, weddings, etc.. We primarily perform my originals and some classical to modern day acoustic (two guitars: acoustic and classical), and would possibly like to perform at your bar. I’ve played at many venues in Oregon since I moved here in May 05. Check us out when you have time, and please get back with me. Thanks, Bob

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