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Written by: Joanna Prisco in Flaunt Magazine

Award-winning mixologist and bar manager at Portland, Oregon’s Clyde Common, Jeffrey Morgenthaler likes to get more conceptual with his sherry cocktails. For the Andalusian Buck, he was “riffing on what I thought would be a very popular drink in Spain,” says Morgenthaler. “Most people don’t know this but Spain is one of the biggest gin-drinking countries in the world. And we have this really beautiful ginger beer that we brew in-house. It’s a really dry ginger beer, and it just sets up so beautifully with the nutty sherry and the strength of the botanicals of the gin.”

And in the Land of the Microbrew, are customers receptive to that whimsy? “We have a pretty sophisticated clientele here in Portland,” Morgenthaler replies. “It doesn’t freak people out.”