Spring Cleaning

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It’s been busy times here in Portland, but I thought I’d take a break from all the hot bar-managin’ action to post a aggregated update of what’s been happening in my world lately – loose ends, mostly:

Jenny Adams, Jeffrey Morgenthaler and Jimmy Patrick at the Grand Marnier/Navan Mixology Summit in Vail, Colorado

Last week I attended the Grand Marnier/Navan Mixology Summit in Vail Colorado. One hundred bartenders from around the country were chosen from over 800 applicants to prepare original cocktails, attend seminars, and to learn from each other and the AKA Wine Geek team. I was there with my good friends from around the country, enjoying lavish meals, incredible Grand Marnier, Cuvées du Centenaire and Cent Cinquantenaire and Navan cocktails, and – of course – skiing and enjoying gorgeous Vail.

If you happen to be a Twitter user, please feel free to follow along with me for a more detailed account of what’s happening day to day. I always try to provide a running commentary when I’m on these booze excursions and Twitter can be a great way to peek in on the action.

I’ve got another video up at Imbibe Magazine’s website, which is also viewable on YouTube and subscribeable as a podcast via the iTunes Store. In this second video, I show you how to make an Old Fashioned the way I like to drink them – as a simple drink with a surprising amount of flavor, considering the very limited ingredient list.

My last video for Imbibe turned out to be much less of a disaster than everyone anticipated, so with any luck Episode Two will be remembered as my Attack of the Clones.

I believe that is all. Please go back to what you were doing and stay tuned for another drink recipe sometime this week.

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  • Sierra Z. says:

    Can you do a video on how to iron a shirt? Thanks!

  • sku says:

    McMillian uses a cube because he wants to be able to control the amount of water in the drink (and because he is a badass muddler), but I assume the use of a 2:1 syrup addresses that issue in that it is minimizing the water in the solution.

  • Tom G. says:

    This is probably a silly question but I had never seen it until I saw your videos…
    Why do you pour from the neck of the bottle between your middle and ring finger? Is it to keep finger prints off the bottles? Less arm motion? Cleaner?

  • Tom G – I don’t know, really, that’s just how I hold the bottle. I guess I like to pour slowly into the jigger for accuracy, but hold the bottle however you like.

  • Oops, forgot to post those winners:

    First Place

    The Nutsack, by Matthew Eggleston, The Hungry Cat, Los Angeles

    2 oz Fino Sherry/
    .75 oz Dolin sweet vermouth/
    .5 oz. Nocina della christina ( or any good walnut liqueur)/
    .25 oz. Dirty Sue olive juice/
    dash Angostura dash Regan’s Orange-

    Stir until well chilled –
    serve in cocktail coupe with orange twist

    Second Place

    Dirty Daisy, by Blair Frodelius, GoodSpiritsNews.spaces.live.com

    0.75 oz Sauza Anejo Conmemorativo
    0.50 oz Patron Citronge
    0.25 oz Dirty Sue
    1 tsp Modena Balsamic Vinegar
    1/8 lime

    Pour all but lime in mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into chilled cocktail glass and add squeeze of lime.

  • Jeffrey,

    How many entries did you have to judge in the Dirty Sue competition? Also curious to know what you thought of the Salmiak Cocktail (Black Sambuca & Dirty Sue).



  • Daniel says:

    I just tried this cocktail with Macallan, 12 yr. old(single malt scotch), but with only 1/8th an ounce of rich syrup. I loved the results; the sherry notes go so well with the orange.

    Cocktail win. Thanks Jeffrey!

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