The Real Reason Why I Tend Bar

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The thing about bartenders is that we’re all attention whores and egomaniacs and couldn’t care less about much else than ourselves. Sure, some of us will tell you that the craft of the cocktail is the most rewarding thing about being a bartender. Others will tell you that putting on a show and giving people an exciting experience is the best part about working behind a bar.

This is a steaming load of horse shit. The real reason we do what we do is because there’s nothing quite like having someone, four gin-and-tonics deep, sitting at your bar and telling you that you do your job better than anyone else in the whole world.

I mention all of this because I’ve received a lot of love this week by being featured in two – count ’em, two! – interviews. The first was printed by my hometown paper, and the most recent was conducted by the lovely Natalie over at The Liquid Muse.

TLM: Describe your fantasy life…
JM: I’m the Professor from Gilligan’s Island… Oh wait, what?

Natalie was very kind in her write-up of me, and she’s got a really fantastic website, so check us both out!

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