How to Make a Caipirinha – The American Bartending School Way

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Speaking of great cocktails made with cachaça, let’s take a moment before the weekend and see what our old friends at the American Bartending School would do when confronted with a bottle of the stuff.

In this segment, we’ll learn how to make the Brazilian classic, the caipirinha (kai-peer-EEN-ya)

1. Announce to your friends that you will be making them a kah-pree-ANN-nah kah-pree-EE-nah kah-pree-EE-nah.

Note: the caipirinha is made with a special type of Brazilian liqueur called cachaça (kuh-CHA-ka, or however it’s pronounced). Like rum, cachaça also comes in different colors.

2. Introduce your friends to the cachaça bottle, then return to its original location. It will not be needed again during the construction of this cocktail.

3. Take your rock glass.

4. Add an undisclosed number of pieces of lime and some simple syrup.

5. Mash limes with a miniature baseball bat.

6. Add ice and top with one ounce of “cachaça”, which is suspiciously identical to the simple syrup bottle.

7. Top with either soda water or sweet-and-sour mix.

8. Enjoy!

53 Replies to “How to Make a Caipirinha – The American Bartending School Way”

  • Adam K says:

    Just saw this, and I have it posted on my FB a few weeks ago with much more angry commentary on my part. Youre subtle sarcasm is far more approachable than my dissapointment. Ive actually watched a few videos from this nozzle, on the web, and find it suspeicious none of them have any comments underneath, positive or negative.

  • Geoffrey Vleeschouwer says:

    to your list:
    9. “Sometimes the limes don’t have a lot of juice in there…” Oh my god, if you can’t find decent limes in Brazil than where will you find them?

  • Linda says:

    Just back from Brazil – Name of drink is “ka pee RIN ya”.
    No soda or other mix – no simple syrup
    just the juice of many crushed limes, sugar, and cachasa.

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