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There are so many bad Mojitos out there that I just had to share what I think is the most perfect, simple Mojito recipe. While a lot of people want to overthink the drink, I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the cocktail for what it truly is: a Rum Collins (with lime in place of lemon) with the addition of mint.

That’s it, folks, I’m sorry to say. While some people would rather argue all day about the differences between these two classic cocktails, I think it makes more sense to focus on the similarities (shouldn’t we strive to be like that with more things in life?)

Just remember that while we’re looking to find common ground between drinks, the Mojito is still not a Mint Julep with rum.

I like to use Matusalem Platino or Bacardi Silver rums in my mojitos. Since they were Cuban companies before the tide of revolution sent them packing for Puerto Rico, I feel it’s the closest I’m going to get to real Cuban rum in my mojito during this pointless embargo that both countries are suffering through. That said, experiment with other silver rums and see what works best with your palate.

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  • 1 large sprig mint
  • ½ oz/15 ml simple syrup
  • Half a spent lime hull, and
  • ¾ oz/22.5 ml of lime juice
  • 1½ oz/45 ml white rum
  • 1½ oz/45 ml chilled club soda or sparkling mineral water
  1. In a 16 ounce glass, gently muddle together the mint and the simple syrup
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients
  3. Top with crushed ice and mix with a straw until drink is combined and glass is frosty.

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146 Replies to “Mojito”

  • Mike says:

    Did you change the recipe? Your recipe has been my go-to for a few years and I just came back here and I SWEAR it looks different. Didn’t it used to be something like 1 part lime to 2 parts rum to 3 parts bubbles? The only thing I can’t remember is how much simple you used. halp?

    • I sure did, Mike. I found this new recipe to be much more balanced. You can always scale up to 2-1-1-2 if you prefer!

      Also, I changed all of the recipes on the site recently to reflect the fact that I use 2:1 simple syrup exclusively now. This whole thing is a lifelong work in progress for me!

    • Ryan says:

      Old recipe via way back machine:
      In a 16-oz mixing glass, gently muddle together:

      1 large sprig mint
      .75 oz simple syrup


      Half a spent lime hull, and
      1 oz of lime juice (no less, no more)
      2 oz white rum
      3 oz sparkling mineral water

      Top with crushed ice and mix with a straw until drink is combined and glass is frosty.

  • Bartender says:

    Don’t panic ,the recipe is almost the same ,just Jeff uses a bit less of mineral water,that’s the single difference

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