What Are You Doing on Repeal Day?

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A few years ago I posted some thoughts about why Americans should celebrate the anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition, and since then people from all over the country have written to tell me about the events they’re organizing, the celebrations they’re planning, and the parties they’re throwing.

I’ll be in Washington, D.C., celebrating the 75th anniversary of Repeal Day in our nation’s capital with the Washington, D.C. Craft Bartender’s Guild at what promises to be a great party.

So I put it to you: what do you have planned for December 5th? Leave your event’s info and a link to the festivities happening in your area in the comments section below.

47 Replies to “What Are You Doing on Repeal Day?”

  • Natalie says:

    RICO- We’ll come see you for our cocktail needs tonight-it’s Jim’s birthday as well as Repeal Day! And await Jeff’s breathless DC tales.

  • Frederic says:

    I’ll be resting my tummy after having a blast last night at Eastern Standard’s Repeal Day Gala (about 2 hours of it was today)…


  • Ian says:

    One Word:

    Winter Beer Fest in Seattle!

  • Vodka Rob says:

    What better place to celebrate repeal day then at a distillery. We are shutting down the stills early today and hosting a party in our tasting room for all who are involved with our distillery.


  • I’ll be mixing up Prohibition Era cocktails at Acadia, and using your site for free publicity!

    A winner is all of us. Have fun with Jacob at the Cato!

  • Jac says:

    Just going to have a few with the folks. And it’s whiskey weather, so I’m gonna mix up a few (Great and Powerful) Manhattans.

    It would be kind of nice to have an event to attend, like y’all have in them big cities (don’t get many cocktail parties in rural Arizona 🙂 ), but there’s also something to be said for a quiet round with family.

  • Rick C says:

    Here in Chicago, most of us never realized there was such a thing as prohibition. Ask any old-timer: they simply say “What now? A ban!? Well I certainly don’t recall–seems to me that the bars were open as always. But now that you mention it, there were an aweful lot of passwords those days…”

    I suppose we just celebrate our blatant disregard and disdain for un-Americanism. This means you, Blagojevich.

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